Health = Wealth

The saying "health is wealth" and self care has taken over my life has it done to many!

Not new to holistic care, since October 2014 I have stopped eating meat, then in 2015 I let go of seafood between 2016-2017 it has been a battle with diary since it is found in so many items but finally mid 2017 and now 2018 I am meat, seafood, and diary free. 

Throughout those years, I gained knowledge that helped me realize that what you put inside of you is a direct reflection of you and also that most of American sold products are fake and harmful.

Now, I know eating healthy is not cheap but you will pay for it down the road in medical expenses and with your life so when this clicked in me I finally stopped using the excuse "can't afford" and just did what I know I should, which is invest in health.  

I started with getting rid of all plastic and switched to glass. Plastic has chemicals in that leaches into your food and drinks.

In the glass jars, I store herbs which was another investment and not Badia herbs lol but organic herbs that you can buy from your local farmers market or supplier/garden. HERBS are the truth, drink tea DAILY. Tea gives you the oil from the herbs directly and it helps soothe everything within. 

Aside from tea, I have been making juices and smoothies to get fruit nutrition and protein. Also, I started making my own shampoos and hair care tonics. Most of my ingredients are gotten from the farmers market. The reason why I get mostly everything there instead of large grocery stores is because it helps supports real people with business. The money goes straight to the owner, you get more for your money, prices are way better than conventional supermarkets and plus they have wider selection of fruits, vegetables and herbs.  

What I learned since, is that it is time consuming but it is worth it. Instantly I saw changes in my mood, energy and finances. I'm not here to judge or force anyone but the point is that nurturing your self with proper nutrition is vital and most of what is around us is made to keep us in the medicals and in sadness SO why not oppose that and strengthen your life force? Don't allow time and money keep you trapped in an unhealthy state. You also don't have to drastically change your life because I didn't, little by little I am lessening the toxic from my mind, body and soul which is what I'm suggesting here <3

I would love to know your health habits/journey so feel free to share your story or any tips on the comments so that we can all HEAL-th together!