Artists in the Millennial

We can all admit times have changed and some adjusted easily to these changes while some still have an Old Soul. 

Well, I like to consider SPAL and I, two old souls surviving in this modern matrix. Since we decided to live this life together we have been faced with tribulation after tribulation but I wanted to share the story from last year, when we decided to move to NY and faced some life changing experiences. 

We hit the road 4/13/17 @ 10:17am unknowingly of what's to come but hoping, manifesting and dreamin for the best which is to live a life sustained by our art.

At South of the Border, South Carolina. 

At South of the Border, South Carolina. 

Well, we saw the road more times than anticipated, like 5-6 times. What happened in New York was beautiful but a little too much for the soul to handle. We got kicked out from staying in Washington Heights then moving to Bushwick (when I drove my first Uhaul in the city and had a break down on the road lol, funny now but seriously scary) where we can stabilize a bit and get back on our feet but that didn't last long so we decided to come home to South Florida, taking the Greyhound (never again). 

In those 4/5 months that we were in the City of Dreams, we reunited with new and old homies, SPAL got his first board, I did my first show, SPAL sold more merch than ever and we went by all the boroughs, all in the name of making it. 

When I realized that we are moving back, feelings hit hard, feelings like failure, sadness, distrust etc. I realized that we took a step forward in moving although at that time I felt like I was moving nowhere and that we spent 10 years in 5 months. We lived chasing our dreams and the bag in the heart of the Matrix. We sought opportunities and created opportunities, barely slept and slept on couches, saw things and people that fueled inspiration and passion. We pushed forward everyday to avoid having to get a job, whether it was on the streets or at an event or on Instagram.

Balancing the footwork and the digital work is what brings me to the conversation of Millennials  and Artists. The differences, similarities, pros and cons. Back in the day, Artists didn't have social medias to promote or build online networks nor did they have such advanced technology to be part of the creative process. These changes caused a shift in how newer age creatives manage their work and it affects the overall process and the overall evolutions of the person. Caught between the old school and new school, I feel as if SPAL and I have a constant battle with it and this New York experience was the epitome of us living in a world that can make you feel like you do not belong but at the same time want too. Now back at home, we are centered and creating our legacy work in our little casa :) <3

Well, hope you've enjoyed the visuals and I would love to know your thoughts on this topic so pleaseee comment and share your mind <3