Lauren Johnson aka Lauren Alyssa; is a 26-year-old creative, entrepreneur with a passion for highlighting, curating, and connecting gems. A desire to share her testimony and become a difference maker led to the start of her blog… “The Gem Within, Inc,”  a platform with a mission to connect, inspire, and encourage others to live, and be the light and change we wish to see. 

Her natural entrepreneurial spirit and love of community expands outside of the Miami Metro area. Through this blog and her creative community, The Gem Collective, she seeks to create more opportunities for connectivity and respect. With this platform, she hopes to expand on common themes that people—particularly people of color—face by sharing her own personal experiences and musings.

CONNECT WITH HER: IG: @Thegemwithin | | FB: The Gem Within

"There is a gem within and I won’t stop until I find it." -Lauren Alyssa.

On her site, you’ll find everything, from how-to-tips, educational prose, guides and musings centered around topics like: Self-care, Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, Emotional Wealth, and Adventure. The Gem Within endeavors—through exploration of gems—placing value on faith, community, self-celebration, individuality, and creative expression, through multiple lens. A safe space to facilitate conversations, discovering and uncovering the special things within and around us as we power through this thing called LIFE. 

*All make up done by Petrice Ross from Kanvas Beauty <3.