Ancient Of Ways


Shoshannah attributes her unique perspective on life as being greatly influenced by her heritage and early childhood spent both in Jamaica and New York. Her love of music, art, design, and fashion started at the age of 3, creating always helped to overcome any adversity she experienced in her personal life. DeKushite meaning "of the land of Kush" is the inspiration which sprung forth from the desire to empower, honor, and connect the ancient of ways in African culture, style, and living for those of us in the Diaspora, existing in this present time. Passionate about finding creative solutions which will establish a strong foundation for world citizens for generations to come. She is currently involved in a number of projects, which include music, directing, film, fashion, eco-trade, farming, health and wellness here in the United States, Jamaica and Africa. High-lighting and bringing awareness to Nettie's Sewing Project at the Malawi's children Village in Malawi, Africa a free training program for orphans who have lost their loved ones to HIV. 



Full of vibrancy, good energy and life, Suzy is ready to step back into her artistry & I'm so excited for all that she has to offer the world. Enjoy the clip of her up&coming song  & follow her journey!