Jennifer Lauren Accius is a first generation Haitian American, born in North Miami, raised by south Florida. Being the eldest girl in her culture, there was a large expectation in the woman she’d become and was groomed to eventually become the matriarch of the family. Her aspirations to live a creative life conflicted with the vision set for her. In 2013 she started Reine + Rebelle (which means Queen + Rebel in french) at first as a womens-wear brand and by summer of 2014 she quit, deeming entrepreneurship as too difficult. In the summer of 2016 she was inspired to relaunch her brand in a new way. She was creating more than ever so decided to record a podcast, Muses + Bruises, chronicling the journey as an accountability tool and to inspire other reluctant creatives. Her relaunched honored herself as a creative being, publishing her poetry in her book Butterfly In The Reine as well as apparel. She realized that Reine + Rebelle represents oneness, merging the divine feminine and divine masculine in self. 


"Moment by moment I show up in my life as I choose and my lifestyle brand encourages that. There is no map, no manual. There are no rules!"-Jennifer


She features other creatives on her podcast to show her listeners there is a million ways to do it and that they can create a life on their terms. The premise is to teach by being, the podcast tagline is “Teach Your Light.”

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