Visual Series: Tainted Smile

Tainted Smile Series with the souls of NxkoLegacy.com@theegokillas,

@senseiiispal, @saysukii@jayamarie91@souldreamin

Created with digital photos of damaged and worn family prints from the '60s and combined with modern day smiling portraits taken by Soul Dreamin.

It can be easily said that the concept behind this series is that everyone has a story and a past, you never really know what someone has been through or is going through especially when they wear a smile everyday but really underneath....

So with coming to understand that everyone has their own struggle and we all go through events in our lives that leave us scarred, damaged, and conditioned, I wanted to merge these bleeding ink prints that tell they own stories with the faces of stories I am familiar with.

These experiences can leave you with ghosts that haunt you and an imprint of demons that don't stop chasing you until...

Until you get through the darkness and come to light and understand that none of those experiences are you. They don't define you nor do they belong to you.

So Smile freely, smile happily, and yea, smile through it all.