Sad Princess

Sad Princess, an experimental short film by Yogi Taji, released April 1st, 2017.

Sad Princess is a eletric story of a soul who feels trapped in her life and finds a sweet escape within a lover.

Consumed every night by the shadows, always ready to fall over the edge, but after a self meditative sesh in the park it was fate to believe in the sweet smile that skated her way, reminding her light still existed. Since that destined encounter a dark fantasy was ignited with black flames by these lovers. After the innocence of late night city walks, after the romance of rooftop sunrises and after the passion of listening to favorite guitarists there came an. . . . end. Leaving Soul (Jaya Marie) to vent, to realize after this heartbreak strength will rise.

Watch below, a raw impromptu interview with Sad Princess, Jaya Marie.

Being a Sad Princess defines a certain “lifestyle” where being a pretty girl you sometimes get branded with a judgement that you have all the guys and you break hearts but that is not true. Yes, you may have a lot of guys but its because you feel for these guys, like sometimes when you reach a certain awareness you realize that its ok to have someone for a moment, to enjoy them for the time being that they were placed in your life. Like if you care then care, if you love then love. So with that mentality you do fall easily for love and find yourself with many lovers even if it wasn’t meant to last, understanding that it wont. It was meant for that moment in ya lives for both to learn & grow, but each time it ends with feelings of sadness and the loneliness returns. 

Having a self pride and self love doesn’t come easy but you have other souls who help you work through the feelings and I have been inspired by lady artists who express their vulnerability with love so beautifully, through music. These lioness are filled with love stories of happiness and misery, sharing pieces of their lives through words and sounds. I have been moved to share my story through visuals but had to pay homage to these Queens that evoke such deep emotions that only can be felt when you have loved & lost, which is all of us. So all my Sad Princesses enjoy the visuals, keep loving!

Below all four emotions, being expressed by @jayamarie91


BTS captured by Bonita Fresh.

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