Ode to Nxko

In 2014 two beings became mentally, spiritually and artistically connected and began creating a friendship that is beyond this world for the simple fact that he, himself has a soul that is in tune with all the energies emitting from the universe and with that sensitive skill he chose music as his medium, to express his rebel soul and his love for love. When my world and Nxko's intertwined we simultaneously understood that we were brought together to help each other achieve our dreams, with the simple goal of healing souls - even with the thought of not "liking" people and being so misunderstood. Since then he has returned home and left inside all of those he encountered a spark of music, energy, vibrancy, love, life, happiness, motivation and awakening that has now been ignited. On 4/22 we celebrate his life and his legacy with the beginning of many productions to come from The "Nxko Legacy" Project. The images here are unreleased shots from shoots we were able to do. You can find the first EP: NXKO XXII (produced by him and released on April 22, 2015)  on and iTunes. Enjoy the visuals and vibes, thank you and stay aware for the existence of The Healer!

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Soul Features

Below you will see links/images of amazing artists, magazines and blogs that I have had the privilege of being featured on. Make sure to check out their creative platforms and all the dope content they have ! Plus some more insight on Yogi Taji & Soul Dreamin. If you are interested in interviewing or featuring my work feel free to send me an email at, Craftmenship Issue, Awakening Issue, Solstice Issue

Visual Collab: Blossom

Visual Collab: Radiant Dream

Herbs&Mangoes Visual Collab.

Radiant Dream is a visual collaboration curated by photographers Ra (@radiantsun9) and Yogi (@souldreamin). 

To simply say, the message behind this creative project is to create and connect with fellow light beings and to remind Souls how Ra(sun) nurtures Mother Nature to grow which in turn helps your Soul to dream and grow, allowing I&I to appreciate the simplicity that life has to offer.