Soul Mission

What is the importance of Soul Mission Film?

Soul Mission was created to visually show you about Soul Dreamin. When I first started planning out the content for the site I didn't want to have just words for the "About" so I decided to tell the story of how and why Soul Dreamin was created. It's the first idea to come into reality. I visually planned the whole film and it taught me my first lessons involved around what I’m aiming to make my career, like how things don't go as planned, supporting and connecting with others to make things real, taking the steps to make something happen and working with a deadline, you know things we learn to do but have much more of a significance cause you are applying it to your real passion now. Soul Mission is honestly the foundation of Soul Dreamin, from there everything else grows. The scenes in the video all have meaning. There's a reason why the first half is black and white and that is because I was in my seed phase. I moved to the New York alone and these were the things I did, travel through train, eat chinese food but only veggies no meat and spend time alone getting to know who I am and my mission here with my camera in hand, then I come back to FL to film scenes for the film, reconnect with the homies and live out the mission that has come to me and that's when it switches to color, after that moment of going insane alone in your room and I start to break down. Filming me talking was the hardest, I was very nervous and had to do a lot of takes but we made it through and created a film that I’m very proud of and in love with. Enjoy and make sure to check out all the artist who helped make it possible: @saysukii @kenirish