Ayashama Creations

Twin ceramists, Maria Del Mar and Maria Jose, born in Colombia but living in the states with a purpose to reconnect to our ancestral roots through their work. Ayasham is a word created by the twins that symbolizes protection, healing, abundance, and spiritual connection. This name derives from the words Ayahuasca and Shaman. Ayahuasca meaning the rope of the spirits because it is the link between the underworld and the spiritual.This sacred medicinal vine is  found in the Amazon Rain forest and is used for healing spiritual and karmic traumas and guides the spirit into a state of consciousness and rebirth. The shaman is the medicine man, one who heals and guides the ceremonies through his chants. These elements are a big part of the creation process, through sculpting the ladies find healing and guidance, as well as a journey of remembrance to a forgotten practice and teachings of our ancestors.  




The handmade creations symbolize their offerings to Pachamama (mother earth) for healing, abundance, and protection. Inspired by the work of our indigenous ancestors from the Americas who depicted the human condition through faces and humanistic figures. During travels around South America, they gathered different materials  from the land, and knowledge of traditional techniques. Material plays a big role in the concept of returning to the root and remembrance of the ancient ones. Utilizing all the earth elements such as Terra-Cotta clay (earth), water during the process of sculpting, and fire when goes through the kiln.

As twins, they have shared bond since the womb and feel the connection is so deep and beautiful that it is embraced in any way possible. Both feel very blessed to have each other and have shared so many experiences that have made them closer and closer each day. Since first STUDYING clay and sculpting techniques, they noticed the connection with not only this sacred material but also the human figure. They began to see a correlation between the work of our ancestors and THEIRS. Intuition and guidance from those who came before began to appear in visions. 

Please enjoy the visual of the ladies playing and working together <3. 

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