Watch video to get a visual perspective of the Artistic Healers Project.

What is Artistic Healers? A visual platform and community outreach for the contemporary goddess, where women are recognized for their creative acts reflected in the greater good. The visual sets serve as a way to help highlight the healers, mystics, creatives, artists, brujas, curators, bloggers, etc. during these modern days where imagery is essential to sharing your voice; all while inspiring and releasing pure energy and intention onto Mother Earth, to help the healing of all.

The mission is to spread awareness on women that are curating blogs, content, events, safe spaces for people of color, creating art, creating music, musing for visual expression, sharing healthy lifestyle tips, and writing pieces from topics that range from self-love and self-care, colonialism, female empowerment, ancestral knowledge, spirituality and much more.

#ArtisticHealers Event on 4/22/18 Recap

Thank you to everyone who made the high success of the event possible:


AbOriginal Organics

BlackGirl Sunscreen


Discount Health Foods




Athena of Hija Del Sol

Simmi & Lauren of the Gem Collective

Jenn of ReinexRebelle

Alana of Lotus Fields Forever

Najja Safara

Kanvas Beauty

Emmy Vargas Media

Zoodid Lion


Kava Bar & Lounge

FlowerBomb Decor

Jaya Perez & Yaniris Matias

& all the beautiful attendees

#ArtisticHealers Gathering Recap

Thank you Tammy for opening your home <3

Thank you Anisa for fueling our bodies with your ital meal<3

Thank you Nashae for providing the musical vibes <3

Thank you to all the ladies who came and shared your divine energy!

Thank you Jairox for capturing the night <3

The Healers:

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The Highlighted Healers (Interviews)

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In order to make sure we are recognizing all women who are doing amazing work, we are always open to suggestions!

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We are an independent team with the goal of giving back and creating a brighter future for young Queens and Kings. With your contribution we are able to provide more tools and resources.