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What is Artistic Healers? A visual platform and community outreach for the contemporary goddess, where women are recognized for their creative acts reflected in the greater good. The visual sets serve as a way to help highlight the healers, mystics, creatives, artists, brujas, curators, bloggers, etc. during these modern days where imagery is essential to sharing your voice; all while inspiring and releasing pure energy and intention onto Mother Earth, to help the healing of all.

The mission is to spread awareness on women that are curating blogs, content, events, safe spaces for people of color, creating art, creating music, musing for visual expression, sharing healthy lifestyle tips, and writing pieces from topics that range from self-love and self-care, colonialism, female empowerment, ancestral knowledge, spirituality and much more.

#ArtisticHealers Event on 4/22/18 Recap

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#ArtisticHealers Gathering Recap

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The Healers:

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The Highlighted Healers (Interviews)

Tell us about yourself: Healing occupation, location, astrological signs etc.

Maria Del Mar and Maria Jose, twin sisters of Ayasham Creations. We are based in Miami where all our creations are made. Born in Colombia where most of our inspiration derives from. Both Gemini with our moon in Aquarius.

What is your form of healing art?

We are ceramist/makers. Our main source of medium is clay which is very sacred to us. The process itself feels ancient and provides a freedom to create endless visions with through this earth material. Nature is a huge part of our work, through sculpting we find healing and guidance. As well as a journey of remembrance to a forgotten practice elaborated for years.

What does being an Artistic Healer mean to you?

An artistic healer to us is one that heals through their practice and shares it to the world. Those healers manifest the light and energy through their work which can potentially be used as a tool for those individuals who feel that connection.

How did your healing journey begin?

We began making art since an early age but it wasn't until high school where we were able to take this form of art further than the physical. Since we first studied clay and sculpting techniques, we noticed our connection with not only this sacred material but also the human figure. We began to collaborate in this pieces that not only connected us to each other but also nature and the ancient practices of clay. We were in search of our roots/culture and this form of art provided us with that foundation. These handmade pieces symbolize our offering to Pachamama (mother earth) for healing, abundance, and protection.

What stories/beliefs/perspectives do you seek to convey with your work?

We seek to convey that connection with nature and the divine feminine. We are brown women working with this earthly material, which serves as our way of decolonizing and reconnection to our roots. The work an process behind each piece is highly intuitve a lot of energy and intention is set in each work to bring protection and a sense of healing to those individuals that resonate with it.

Anything specific that inspired you to pursue your dream?

Traveling to South America really inspired us to pursue our dream of creating. We gathered different materials and learned so many teaching from indigenous communities that use art as a way of healing.

How do you think female and male can balance and bridge equality?

We believe both female and male can balance that bridge by helping each other in their growth process. Detach from patriachial ideals that just bring separation and oppression to women all around the world. Use the knowledge that both female and male have so much to heal from years society's standards.

Where do you envision your journey taking you?

We are unsure about the journey but have faith that it will guide us to greater things. We envision ourselves teaching others how this clay material can serve as a way of meditation and release and that tension that we built in our daily lives. We see ourselves living off the land and inviting people to have the opportunity to connect with nature.

What wisdom would you like to share with other healers? 

Cleansing ones space as much as possible is essential. Swimming in the ocean, or cleansing the physical body with nature is so important for those who work with energy.

Tell us about yourself & where we can connect with you or see more of your work?
Evelyn / Singer/ Songwriter/ Poet/ Visual Creative/ South Florida/ Virgo ☀️ Pisces 🌙

What is your form of healing art?  

I’m a singer/songwriter/poet that speaks directly from my soul to yours.

What does being an Artistic Healer mean to you?

Everyone has the ability to be an Artistic Healer. Only recently (last couple of years) have I been a musician. The fact that I decided to pursue this artform at this point in time can only mean that I needed to experience life first. The journey up until this point has paved the way for me to be an ‘Artistic Healer’. As you experience the duality of life, you’re able to translate it in a clear way. As someone who is very in touch with her soul, my expression is a universal message. Lets rise up and heal each other collectively.

How did your healing journey begin?

I’ve always loved to sing, but it wasn’t until I served in the Israeli Military that it became a legitimate vision. I served for two years as a combat soldier and experienced many things. Horrible times as well as incredible times. I met the most beautiful souls that remain my family till this day. On the day of my release, I decided to loc my hair after having the urge to do so for quite some time. As the roots formed, so did the awakening. Almost 4 years later and I’m pursuing music full time, spreading love and light, only putting good things into my body and mind, learning from those around me and educating those that are eager to learn.

Describe any important healing moments/occurrences you’ve experienced since your artistic journey began.

I’ve been back living in the states for a year now after living in Israel for the last 6 years. 2018 had been a rollercoaster, but it has been the most impactful year thus far. Every day is a new experience that I’m greatful for. I’m surrounded by artists who inspire me to think and do more. I’m reconnecting with souls from past life journeys. I’m very blessed.

What stories/beliefs/perspectives do you seek to convey with your work?

We’re all merely vessels holding souls. Eye love you. Stop the divide and unify.

Anything specific that inspired you to pursue your dream?

Having my sergeant force me to get over my stage fright. She is now my forever sister/best friend.

What are your views on today’s modern ways of healing?

Consume what heals, don’t consume what kills. For the body, mind, spirit and soul.

How does your environment affect your healing routines? 

If I’m in an unhealthy environment, I simply leave. I have a studio in my house that is my artistic cave. Great energy in there which allows me to flow better.

How do you think female and male can balance and bridge equality?  

Listen and observe more. Be open. Overstand that no one is above anyone. We’re all simply vessels.

Where do you envision your journey taking you?  

To places I’ve never imagined going to.

What wisdom would you like to share with other healers?  

Your work is important. Know your worth and understand your value.


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