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Soul Dreamin is an Independent, Visual Art brand started in 2015 by Artist, Yaemi Matias.

About Yaemi Matias: A mystic and dreamer, using image making as her medium to express healing works for the soul. Her work is a mixed of analog and modern art. Inspired by both the light and darkness within the human trinity and using that as a tool to share a narrative for people of color, especially women.

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About Soul Dreamin: Her journey began with photography in Broward County, FL. where she was raised. Shortly after she moved back to New York City, where she was born, to pursue her newly found passion. After soul searching in the city and moving back to South Florida, she launched Soul Dreamin and began her business career by servicing clients with lifestyle and maternity portraits. A year later, she began offering video services and has worked on filming, directing and producing short films and promotional videos for artists and small business owners. Yaemi also released a personal short film, Sad Princess, and worked on collaborative projects to continuously find innovative ways to enhance her craft. All the while, she pushed a mini series called Soularoids to connect in person with others while on a mission to keep physical photo prints alive. She has also curated her own events including a film screening and an all female photowalk in Miami, FL  and an event for her latest project #ArtisticHealers in Hallandale Beach, FL.Since founding Soul Dreamin, Yaemi is now based in South Florida where she works to keep her dreams thriving and also working with the community to keep their dreams alive. A couple of her ventures include volunteering with an after girls club to show middle school young ladies the craft of photography at AWOM Lab in Dania Beach, FL, supporting the LGBTQA community at FIU Campus in Miami, FL while participating on the Art as Activism Panel Discussion, participating in Career Day at Pines Charter School in Pembroke Pines, FL, and supporting mental awareness with discussion on the forum presented by Fall like Feathers. Yaemi Matias also known as Yogi Taji has not given up throughout the years to create imagery that will heal souls.


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Soul Dreamin is based in South Florida.

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