About Artistic Healers: Visual Platform for the Contemporary Goddess

Greetings! It's Yogi and I am the founder of Soul Dreamin and the visual artist behind the Artistic Healers project, a visual platform for the contemporary goddess; where women are highlighted for their creative acts reflected in the greater good. These visual set serve as a way to help push creators by using technology, in where imagery is essential to sharing one’s voice, all while inspiring and releasing divine energy onto Mother Earth.

What is Artistic Healers? It is a visual project created during a dark phase I was experiencing. The intent is to gift visuals to support women in pushing their brand/business in these changing times where the feminine is re-claiming their voices and to express a re-presentation of women by a women. The collective has appx. 30 women involved. All of these women come from different walks of life but all have decided to follow their dreams by building for others and self. The mission is to spread awareness of the women that are curating content centered around health and wellness lifestyle, philanthropy, event experiences, art/merch and more! The imagery is kept grouped by using the hashtag #ArtisticHealers.


Join us for an evening of an all female panel and a space filled with art installations, performances and much more. The core focus of the panel is to allow you a personal connection with the healers highlighted in the project and to gain insight into their worlds and how they are bridging creativity and healing in the contemporary day. The panel will inform women and men on key topics such as balancing business and art, health and wealth and how we can heal ourselves through self care and in so heal the world. The focus of the mixer is to fuse art and healing, creating an experience that will enlighten all on a deeper level.

Whether an artist, entrepreneur or spectator, you will be networking with like minded souls while connecting with women who are dominating their careers with healing and the arts.


Graphic by Nniza G. Studios  @nnizag

Graphic by Nniza G. Studios @nnizag




BTS Photo by Fall Like Feathers

BTS Photo by Nikki Say Shoot